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The Students Who Started it All (Winter 2015)

Alicia PettryAlicia Pettry (0)

Alicia Pettry is a senior studying public relations with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys dreaming about what her future horse will look like and humming Broadway showtunes.

Alisse FrandsenAlisse Frandsen (0)

Alisse Frandsen is a public relations student at Brigham Young University. When she isn't trying to explain PR to her friends and family, Alisse loves painting, reading and making the very best road trip playlists. She is currently working as an event planner.

Brooklyn DavisonBrooklyn Davison (2)

Brooklyn Davison, a public relations student at Brigham Young University, is an avid user of social media. When she isn't on social media she can be found reading, watching Netflix or creating the next best playlist. She operates on many social platforms as well as a personal blog. You can learn more about her at brooklyndavison.blogspot.com.

Carrie DufordCarrie Duford (1)

Carrie is a middle kid out to prove herself. Growing up in the middle of the country, she loves all things outdoors and is currently training for a half marathon and a triathlon. She is married and loves to go on long bike rides with her hubby during the summer. She serves on BYU’s PRSSA event committee running various activities throughout the year. A few years ago she started a community service organization for youth in her hometown, which remains alive and well to this day. Carrie is known for her hard working personality and ability to get the job done. She has completed internships with Motu Juice, Gigg and BYU Men’s Rugby. Additionally, she has worked on projects for both Intermountain Healthcare and the Western Carwash Association.

Hannah ChildsHannah Childs (3)

Hannah Childs is a public relations student at Brigham Young University. She works as magazine editor for BYU’s TWO magazine, Housing Guide and New Student Orientation. She is a member of BYU’s honor society for mass communication and journalism, Kappa Tau Alpha. She is from Gunnison, a small Utah town that has more cows than people. As the youngest of five, she had to learn fast to keep up with her siblings. She loves to dance, ride horses and play tennis.

Harrison MontagueHarrison Montague (0)

Byline: Harrison Montague loves baseball, even though his beloved San Diego Padres have been mostly terrible for the last 20 years. When he is not watching baseball on TV, Harrison is busy attending baseball games in-person around the country.

He has attended over 100 games throughout his life spread across 12 Major League stadiums across the country, including Fenway Park in Boston, Yankees Stadium in the Bronx and Nationals Park in Washington D.C. He plans on visiting 6 more stadiums during the summer of 2015.

Kelli SpruntKelli Sprunt (0)

Kelli Sprunt is a senior at Brigham Young University studying public relations. She can usually be found at a concert or in her office at work trying to think of the next big clothing trend. The thing she will miss the most about Utah when she graduates next year is the mountains.

M'Leah RickerM'Leah Ricker (2)

M’Leah Ricker, a public relations student at Brigham Young University, enjoys writing, public speaking and politics. After graduation, she plans to attend law school. Her favorite U.S. president is Abraham Lincoln and she can recite all of the presidents' names, parties and years from memory. She loves her family, Mexican food, the color pink, puppies and yoga pants.

Michelle WoodMichelle Wood (0)

Michelle Wood is currently a senior in public relations at Brigham Young University. Between full-time schooling, work and holding a position as the Vice President of Public Relations for BYU PRSSA, you can catch her filling her passport with stamps or on a soccer pitch. She always is looking for the next best destination or donut. Contact her with any suggestions.

Robert DoriusRobert Dorius (1)

Rob Dorius is a student at Brigham Young University studying public relations. He is a member of BYU’s PRSSA and serves as an Instagram specialist on the online communications committee. He is loyal to his native state of Idaho and can recite all 44 counties from memory.


Fearless Leader

Pamela BrubakerPamela Brubaker (0)

Pamela Brubaker received her Ph.D. in mass communications from The Pennsylvania State University, her M.A. and B.A. in communications from BYU and her A.A. from Rick’s College. She currently teaches undergraduate courses in public relations research and strategic communications campaigns. Her research focuses on the impact and use of social media for strategic communication campaigns, political communications, etc. Brubaker has seven years of professional public relations experience in the technology industry, including positions in corporate and agency settings.

Brubaker has published in Corporate Communications: An International Journal and The American Journal of Media Psychology. She has also received numerous research and teaching awards from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC).

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