How to use Twitter and Instagram on a local scale

For small, local businesses, social media can make or break you. To be successful on a local scale, evaluating your timing, entertainment factor and follower interaction will benefit your business, whether it be large or small.

Post too often or too little and you will lose followers. Sodalicious, a drink café found behind a barber shop in Provo, Utah, has hit its sweet spot in using social media. They are creative in their captioning and posting. Posts are engaging and funny. For this kind of business, they are likely targeting a younger demographic, and their creativity lends itself well to hitting the mark.

Sodalicious Instagram screenshot

Instagram is a platform that can be posted on less frequently. To maintain a following without going overboard think at least once a week. Posting relevant online content will also help boost your business. By taking trending memes and topics you show online awareness and increase your organization’s credibility. Using Instagram in a business plan is crucial in getting online attention. Of the top 100 brands, over 40 percent of them use Instagram regularly. Compared to Twitter and Facebook, photos shared on Instagram yield much more engagement from followers.

Entertain Me
Followers want you to entertain them. If the casual viewer doesn’t find your post engaging, you’ve lost a potential follower. Sodalicious keeps its Instagram posts filled with witty captions, funny drink concoctions and local people. Showcasing your products, customers and the town you represent is a great way to bring your business to the people.

Sodalicious Instagram Screenshot

It’s important that in creating content for your company that you are original. If something is trending, take advantage of that and use it. Trend-jacking is something that can be a great advantage for small business if it is done correctly. Sodalicious frequently uses local and national trends as a basis for their posts. While the trend that inspired the post may be ephemeral, the impact it can have on your business could be huge.

There is little point in maintaining social networks if you aren’t interacting with your publics. Twitter is a great platform for interaction. There are over 140 million active Twitter users, and 30 percent of those users follow at least one brand. Users who follow a brand are 67 percent more likely to buy from that brand. I know that anytime I have a question or complaint about Sodalicious, I can contact them through Twitter, and within minutes will have a reply.

Last Black Friday, I really wanted a chocolate fudge cookie and I didn’t know their holiday hours. I sent a tweet to @Sodalicious and 10 minutes later I had a response from its social media manager telling me when it was open.

Social media isn’t hard to use, but it can be if you don’t know how to make it work for your organization. Through its engaging, clever posts, Sodalicious has become more than just a drink café, it is a social media destination worth experiencing.

Image 1: By combining popular Internet memes and business promotions, Sodalicious both relates to their market and proves their relevancy. Photo courtesy of Sodalicious.

Image 2: By relating to the largely Mormon culture and the celebration of Pioneer Day, Sodalicious is both entertaining and relatable. Photo courtesy of Sodalicious.

Image: Courtesy of Jazmin Cybulski.



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