Stop trying to “bite” your way to success

I blame it on my piano teacher.

From the time I was six years old, the lady pounded in my little brain that long nails were unacceptable. She said it was because of the “clickety-clacking” noise they made on the piano keys. Short nails were to be shorter, and even shorter still. And if they weren’t trimmed up before my next lesson, I was in trouble.

I didn’t really care to search for the nail clippers because, well, that just took too much effort. So, I resorted to biting them.

Bad idea.

Before I knew it, I had come down with a chronic case of nervous nail-biting.

Thanks, piano teacher.

At least I’m not alone! Many of you are nail biters too. Many of you are also professionals and students, which means stress levels are high. Higher stress levels can cause even those of us who are not naturally nail biters to become nail biters. And then biting in itself causes more problems and more stress. It’s just the nail-biting epidemic that seems to never end!

Somewhere along my nail journey I realized my habit was not only ugly, it was also pretty gross.
Actually, I learned that biting causes problems not only for your nails, but for your teeth, and it can even can make you sick through the spreading of germs.


So, one day, as I was strolling through Rite-Aid’s cosmetics section, I spied a little gem that soon became my best friend. It’s called Essie’s Grow Stronger Base Coat.
It was the perfect fix for my nasty nail habits, and let me tell you why.


They Actually Grew!

The base coat not only made my nails stronger, it made them longer. I can’t decide if they were longer because they were actually growing faster or if they had just become so pretty that I no longer wanted to bite them.

Either way, those little brittle nasty nails of mine were no more!

My cracking hangnails were replaced by shiny, healthy nails. And the stronger and healthier they became the less inclined I was to bite.

Eventually, my bad habit stopped altogether.


Great Nails = Great Confidence

As professionals and students we constantly interact with others, specifically in meetings and interviews. The truth is, biting your nails can have negative consequences in such situations. It is unprofessional and gives vibes of insecurity and lack of control. Getting rid of the bad habit not only makes you more professional, it gives you confidence.

I noticed my own confidence going up after Essie’s nail coat helped me to stop biting my nails. Instead of hiding behind my bad biting habits, I was more involved and able to carry on better conversation.


Cheap and Quick

And no, I’m not talking about fast food.

We are busy people. School, work, errands, appointments, calls and meetings seem to never cease. Essie’s Grow Stronger Base Coat only requires one coat and dries quickly, cutting down the time I would normally spend with a three-step product. (And giving me more time for other things.)

The base coat can be found nearly anywhere. Walgreens, Ulta, grocery stores and even Nordstrom carry it.

The best part is that it’s only $8 in stores and can be found for even less online. I’ll admit after researching all kinds of fancy nail growth products, I doubted something so cheap would even be effective, but it sure proved me wrong.

Basically, I swear by the stuff. It’s magic.

You will love it and your strong nails will love you.

M’Leah Ricker, a public relations student at Brigham Young University, enjoys writing, public speaking and politics. After graduation, she plans to attend law school. Her favorite U.S. president is Abraham Lincoln and she can recite all of the presidents' names, parties and years from memory. She loves her family, Mexican food, the color pink, puppies and yoga pants.

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