Working at home or abroad with technology

Who says you can’t have it all? If you dream of having a job at home or working remotely for an international business, it can become a reality. With technology, you can work anywhere.

As a marketer and public relations agent for international software company Veeam Software, Jason Werner relies on technology to connect with teams around the world from home.

In September 2014 Pew Research Center reported that the Internet and email are the most important forms of communication and information tools for online workers. But it is the ability to use technological communication tools, other than email, that allows professionals like Werner to work at home for an international business.


Be There, Without Being There

To compete internationally, businesses use online communication. There are two main types of online communication, person-to-person and virtual teams. Person-to-person, such as Skype, provides file sharing, chatting and desktop sharing. Virtual teams provide online meetings, collaborations and video tools. The main tool Werner and most businesses use are virtual teams.

Virtual teams have enhanced tools and qualities, making it the main communication source for telecommuting. There are many types of virtual teams, such as Intercall, PGI and WebEx. Werner uses WebEx.

WebEx is an online meeting space where businesses can share presentations and videos and chat with hundreds of people at one time. Using WebEx, Werner is able to both share and draw on his screen. As lead presenter, Werner can share any participant’s screen, with all viewers during the presentation. He can also record and send his presentation to those who missed it. The presenter can see the viewers’ faces as well as monitor their screens to check to see if they are paying attention.


Engaging Presentations

Working at home takes more than knowing about virtual teams. It takes the ability to create engaging presentations. “Make sure to engage your audience with the content you want them to take away,” said Werner. “Think of the golden rule. What are the one, two and three things you want them to remember when their spouse asks them what they learned?”

Werner considers online presentations as being different from in-person PowerPoint presentations. Basically, “It’s harder to keep your audience engaged.” To improve engagement with presentations on WebEx, Werner uses the feedback tool and raise hand tool. He also sends out surveys, polls and draws on a whiteboard.



Working at home or around the world is great, but unless you have strong communication skills and provide content in simple, concise and exact terms, your value to the company will decrease.

“The challenge is over-communicating,” said Werner. “Unlike an office, there is no line of sight to your teams. Out of sight, out of mind.” By over-communicating you will be able to stay in the minds of your co-workers. The key to over-communicating is constantly interacting and staying updated with your teams. Otherwise, no one knows what you are doing.

“Technology has reduced the barriers to working internationally,” said Werner. “Give it time and soon every business will be international.”

Technology is changing the way people work. By using technology tools, such as virtual teams and over-communicating you too can have the freedom to work anywhere you choose.



Childs: Werner close up imageJason Werner’s career in high tech has spanned public relations to business operations. With more than 25 years of experience, Jason has helped businesses large and small connect with their customers and communities through marketing, product development and strategy development. He is currently the global alliance solutions manager at Veeam Software, a worldwide provider of data center availability solutions. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and communications from Brigham Young University. Jason is the father of two great kids, husband to one great wife and a friend to countless interesting people all over the world.


Feature image of Jason Werner in Petersburg, Russia

Images courtesy of Jason Werner

Hannah Childs is a public relations student at Brigham Young University. She works as magazine editor for BYU’s TWO magazine, Housing Guide and New Student Orientation. She is a member of BYU’s honor society for mass communication and journalism, Kappa Tau Alpha. She is from Gunnison, a small Utah town that has more cows than people. As the youngest of five, she had to learn fast to keep up with her siblings. She loves to dance, ride horses and play tennis.

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